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About Us


“Clean. Healthy. Happy.” 

VIP Cleaning Solution’s continuing journey toward achieving its position as the premiere cleaning service in the greater Orlando area specializing in commercial cleaning, began in 2001 when founder Rachid Yassini’s ’s dedication and attention to detail as a trusted sub-contractor quickly earned him a reputation as the go-to cleaning professional for uncompromising quality of work.

In 2006, having earned as much respect for his character as for his abilities, Rachid established VIP Cleaning Solutions to provide a high quality “clean” that always exceeds clients’ expectations.

VIP Cleaning Solutions, now services some of the top names in the Food and Beverage industry including Houston’s Restaurant and Four Rivers Smokehouse.


At VIP Cleaning Solutions we believe a clean facility is a crucial element towards maintaining a vibrant and thriving business.

To what does Rachid attribute VIP Cleaning Sloutions mounting success? Part of the answer is found in the traditional: hard work and dedication to the highest standards of performance and customer satisfaction, hiring like minded individuals who share a desire to only put forth a “best-effort”, but most importantly VIP Cleaning Solutions offers clients honesty and integrity at the core of each and every interaction.

VIP Cleaning Solutions prides itself in helping companies achieve and consistently maintain a happier, healthier working environment less prone to sickness, employee dissatisfaction, and turnover.

All of us here at VIP Cleaning Solutions look forward to
creating and maintaining the highest level values with your business.




We at VIP Cleaning Solutions believe a clean workplace is
a more productive and happier workplace.