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"Clean. Healthy. Happy." It's more than just a slogan! It represents our goals for each client and the sum of all our work. We know a clean facility means a healthier more productive facility.
We here at VIP Cleaning Solutions know that each job is unique and requires an above average commitment and special attention to detail that you just won’t get from your average cleaning service.
Our staff of knowledgeable, hard-working, cleaning professionals prove their integrity and reliability every time they visit! We’re proud to have them represent us!
It’s the cornerstone of our values and is what maintains us performing at the top of our game: Pride in our work. Pride in our people. Pride in our clients.
To accomplish a “professional clean” is why we are hired. Going the extra mile is why they keep us coming back.
A superior cleaning job can’t be accomplished without a superior work force. We hold our staff to a higher standard: of reliability, of conscientiousness, of character.
The confidence we have in our abilities is the result of years of experience and a profound desire to continue earning the respect of our clients for doing what we know best: keeping your facilities truly clean.


  • It is my opinion that the cleanliness of our facility has improved during the time we have been with VIP.

    Jeff Palermo

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  • We have been very pleased with VIP Commercial Cleaning Services performance. Rachid Yassini is professional, requires minimal follow-up and takes great pride in his work.

    Todd Martin

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Our Clients

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